Take time for tea

Ah, a deliciously warm cup of tea, a view of the lake, and a cozy blanket. Life is indeed good.  We are at Kevin and Val’s cabin this weekend, trying out our new RV.  Right now I am tucked into their easy chair, looking east onto row of brightly coloured lawn chairs on their front deck that overlooks the lake and the foothills.  It’s a bit chilly and overcast, so I am enjoying downtime indoors for now.

I made a cup of tea to comfort me while I work.  I finally realized that tea and coffee are not really about the actual drink, but more about the feeling of comfort and relaxation that comes with a cup.  It’s the ritual of brewing a cup, holding it, and occasionally sipping it that brings comfort. 

The attached picture of a tea cup was taken while I was in Ottawa with Mackenzie’s school band group.  Now that trip was a grand adventure!  I absolutely love Ottawa, and feel very in touch with my Canadianess while I am there.  The tea cup is a close up of the Famous Five statue, a sculpture celebrating the accomplishments of the 5 women who managed to succeed in having women legally declared as “persons”.  Sometimes I don’t think many people in our society have realized that concept yet.  But that’s another story for another post!



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