Lenten Goals

Ok, I’m taking the plunge and going to really try to stick to my plan -for a change. I’ve decided to quit Diet Coke during Lent. Yes, I”m a Diet Coke-aholic. I used to hear stories of people who would drink pop every day and wonder how on earth they could do so a thing? After all, pop is a treat, right? When we were kids, pop was a very special treat, given out only on special days or when relatives came to visit. Most of the time pop meant a small bottle of Pick a Pop, a locally brewed soft drink sold cheaply and in refillable containers. On special occasions we got to drink home made root beer. I loved it’s yeasty smell, and overly-sweet taste. But somehow, in the last few years, I have let a treat become an “addiction”. I know it’s bad for me, but like smokers, I still like it. I find all reasons to justify my consumption, none of which make good sense.

Whatever the reason, I now find myself craving a Diet Coke. It’s late afternoon, and I long for a drink of my poison! But, this time, my incentive is better. I have decided that I will donate $2 per day (the cost of a bottle of pop) for every day that I don’t drink pop during Lent. My charity of choice – St. Pat’s Healthy Living CHallenge, of which half the proceeds will go to Brenda Anderson, a parent who recently had a serious stroke.
I remember Brenda as a little girl, hanging out with Jennifer and Andrea. I can’t believe she’s already grown up with kids of her own attending St. Pats. So, my small gesture of giving up pop has a real purpose this time. Maybe it will stick!
Wish me luck!


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