Bowling for the Oldies!

Well, we’ve had quite a week.   Today we drove out to Sydney by the Sea and went bowling.  My mom is such a trooper; she can barely walk but that doesn’t stop her. She is still determined to play with us.  And she did just fine!  I really like the sleepy little town. It’s a very quaint semi-urban setting by the sea.  But it feels very apart from the hubbalo of Victoria. Image

The whole island has a very active, outdoorsy feel that makes me love it here.  But again, I long for my wide open spaces~

I love visiting Vancouver Island, but I don’t think I could ever live here.  I like more open spaces and less rain;)   I also can no longer be bothered with such meticulous recycling required by Island living.  Alas, i have to say that I miss my redneck Alberta freedoms!


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