Boomer Fest

Emerson driveI haven’t posted for awhile, as I have been busy becoming a “consultant”.  But that’s another story.  This story is about finally going to a folk-type concert.  This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the Hillcrest mining  disaster – the worst mining disaster in Canadian history.  This weekend the Crowsnest Pass area offers many events to mark that date.  The ceremonies began yesterday with a memorial walk and dedication of a new monument in the Hillcrest Cemetery.   Last night’s offerings was an outdoor concert featuring Connie Kaldor (my female folk hero), James Keelaghan, and Tim Russ.  Blaine and I both pushed our comfort zone, dodging other commitments to attend.  I can’t believe that we finally did it  I’ve been waiting years for us to go to such a concert.  Of course the concert tent and beer gardens were filled with fellow boomers – grey hair, canes, limps, frumpy bodies and all.  Nevertheless, all came to enjoy the concert and commemorate this tragic moment in history.




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