55 “Mini” grand adventures

Bonnie had a great idea – start a blog following us as we go through 55 adventures in our 55th year.  Well, how about we try for 55 mini-adventures?  For example, today is adventure number 2 – snowshoeing in my own backyard!

Adventure Number 1: Beauvis Lake

On Saturday January 5, we drove to Kev and Val’s cabin to join them ice-fishing and outdoor playing at Beauvis Lake.  We ice-fished on the lake. Mackenzie and Kevin caught 4 four.  I tried it, but it’s not my cup of tea.  It’s too slow. I don’t have the patience to stand over a hole, freezing my butt of waiting for a fish to maybe, maybe, maybe bit the hook!  Instead, I donned my skates and tried skating on the open lake. Now, I looked very much like an old lady, as I hadn’t been on my skates in over 5 years, and haven’t skated on a lake in – well, maybe never!  But who cares what I looked like. I loved it!  It was awesome to be skating free in the middle of the lake,. The cracks in the ice formed such interesting patterns. I have to admit it was a little eerie to be far out in the middle of the lake and suddenly hear the very strange sound of ice cracking and shifting. Here is just one pattern!  Image