Training for Adventure

Bring it on! Let the training begin. Val and I are training for our Chilkook Trail hike in July. Thus far we’ve done the following:

1. First weekend in May – hiking in the Pass. Friday night we walked around the Lake. Saturday morning, we hiked up around Miners’ Falls – probably for about 2.5 hours. In the Afternoon we hiked another 1.5 hours. The next day we again walked around the lake.

2. The next week… I walked the path a couple of times. Plus, I walked to the Park and back – the long way. I followed the walking path up past Ken McDonald park, past the cemetery, and to the fringe of the MD park. I then had to find a cross-country path down the hills to the park. Once in the park I walked around a little, saw Mackenzie at work, then walked back up the hill to home.

3. A few other short walks during the week – grand total in about 8 days – almost 50 km.

Last weekend: Around the walking path; Sunday – around Beauvis Lakes.

Today – down the coulees, with my large pack pack. Total – 5 km.

So, the adventure continues.




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