Man in the Mirror

A poem by my Dad


Man in The Mirror Sept.07/97 Reflections on my 71 Birthday

Who is that man in the mirror?

With lank grey hair and vacant stare

Who can he be? Surely not me?

With hairy ears and eyes full of tears,

He stares back at me, who can he be?

Surely not me! For only recently

I sat upon my Mothers knee

And only yesterday I skipped to school

To learn the rules of Calculus and Chemistry,

Then a short time hence

I became a soldier for Defence

Of Country King and Liberty.

For only yesterday again,

I took a wife, a lover for life

Then together raised a family.

I was a Farmer, a grower of Grain,

In the Sun and the Rain.

Though this is still a part of me

I must open wide my eyes and see,

That those happy years have fled,

And in the mirror by my bed

He stands; with shoulders stooped

And belly drooped,

Grandfather, Great Grandfather.

Then I know, with feelings of woe



Did you know???

Did you know? So far the trip is doing exactly what I had hoped… I am finding out details about our past that I never knew, or I had long since forgotten. Did you k ow that my great grandfather Katterhagen bought one of the first model t cars in Uniontown, Idaho? Mom tells me that before world war one, he bought a odel t or whatever type of car was first sold there. He of course insisted on getting one right away. His first drive naturally had to be down mainsrett, where many locals could see him. Now, apparently he was a good wagon driver who probably could drive a wagon in his sleep. Most likely he grew up knowing how to use reigns and body pressure to turn, go forward, and most importantly, how to stop. Well, grandparoduly climbed into the new horseless carriage and starting driving forward, without any incident – that is until it came time to not only
Ark the car, but also stop it. As he
Lulled on he started
Ulling and
Using on the “reins” .. Er, steering wheel, grabbing it Andre.long WHOW Re
Eatery and quickly des.erate.y shouting whoa, whoa, whoa,. Needless to say, grand
As horse drawn carriage did not “whoa” and just kept right on rolling into the storefront.

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