Sunday Dreaming – Again!

It’s here already – another Sunday. This morning I finally got my lazy butt in gear and went for a walk. I’m sure anyone who say me thought I was absolutely crazy, as I spent most of the time trying not to pee my pants from laughing outloud – while listening to CBC’s podcast “Laugh out Loud” . This morning I listened to an episode featuring Andrew Grose from Edmonton and John Hastings. Both gave hilarious sets discussing the intergenerational differences. Hilarious!
They reminded me of a couple of more items from my bucket list – hitting the summer festival circuit. I’d love to go to Just for Laughs in Montreal (July), the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and the new Edmonton Comedy Festival (October). I think it would be a hoot to hop in a motor home – or Westphalia – and spend a couple of months touring around to folk festivals, country fairs, and comedy festivals. Ah, the list grows longer! Life is way too short.

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