Pay the Piper

Ok, I guess I really am 55+, and my feet know it.   Unfortunately, along with freedom 55 comes my new friends – arthritis, low thyroid, thinning and greying hair, etc.  All the fun parts of aging.  Sigh.

A summer filled with tons of hiking and small adventures, combined with my walking the streets of London,   flared up my planter’s fascias so much that I can now barely walk. I am taking treatment, and have done all the proper precautions but still have been unable to stop the clock.  In our 50’s , the term biological clock has a new meaning.  It’s not about having a family – it’s about doing the things we want before our bodies defeat us.

So, note to self:  Do as much as I can in the next few years before it is too late.    I guess the quilting, cleaning closets, re-decorating the house and other more sedentary adventures will be put off a little longer so that I can grab the physical adventures NOW!

I never thought it would be my big toe that would be the source of such annoyance.  Alas, what can you do except keep trying.  Here’s to my feet:)

I always find something Canadian - wherever I go
I always find something Canadian – wherever I go



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