Fort Mac Re-entry

Alberta Emergency Re-Entry Plan

The Government recently set out a very careful re-entry plan for Fort Mac citizens. Unfortunately, now reality will begin to set in.   I looked through the endless steps needed simply to carry out basic cleaning of an evacuated home not directly harmed by the fire – wow.   These poor folks are in for days of hard work simply to become functional again. Those whose homes were damaged further, or left without electricity have even more hurdles to jump.  And, of course, those who lost everything, well. Not much needs to be said.   It’s been incredible emotional watching Albertans – and Canadians step up to try to help.  Let’s hope that this positive support continues once the reality of re-entry hits hard.

I’m sure many feel their lives are turned over – that the shadow of destruction may never lift.  But it will. Life will begin again –  one step at a time.


Fort Mac Fire


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