Is your Facebook feed inundated with cutesy, outwardly pithy posts spouting cliched truisms such as “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, or “Happiness comes from within”.  I’ve got to come clean. I used to buy into these cliches, and kept my office walls, bookshelves, and desks plastered  in what I thought was tactfully arranged displays of deep thoughts designed to motive my barrier-ed students to overcome all obstacles and meet their destiny.   However,  now that I’m retired all I’m left with is a box of kitschy items no one wants.  I still find myself lingering over display in the gift shops and book stores, my attention captured by some new motivational items. I hover a little too long on social media posts with sayings I once felt were deeply important. It’s hard to break the habit.

But It’s time for me to stop the madness.  I’m tired of cutesy kittens or other animals pictures (well, I actually never went for animals – I always picked more whimsical designs) captured (or photo shopped) perfectly, capped off with some lame piece of motivational moment. I need to break the habit.  Since I can’t quit cold turkey,  (I’ve tried) I’ll take a different approach.  Here, therefore, is my first anti-motivational Words for Wednesday.




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