Aging gracefully

We’ve all heard it a thousand times – the boomers are the biggest market around.  Our needs are changing the world.  Our aging needs are impacting the retail market, changing the American dream from a suburban two-story with a garage and a white picket fence to a down-sized condo with easy access to shopping and services. Boomers are taking over the cruise industry, and travel industry.  And, even more impactful, our needs are breaking our health care system.

But is this the reality?  Do Boomers really rule?  I beg to differ.  For example, today I thought I would like to listen to some comedians talking about real life as a Boomer – or a senior (I hate that term – it’s a label forced on us when we blow out our 60th birthday candles, no matter how vibrant, health, and productive we are).  I digress.  I wanted to listen to some comedy written by people in my age group for people in my age group – comedy that doesn’t insult our abilities and value to society; comedy that sees the funny side of aging.   But my search was in vain.  The only podcasts I could find through a Google search and Apple podcast search found most are still meant for the youth, even though we boomers have time to listen – and purchase if necessary – these products.  I found health-related podcasts that focused entirely on how to adapt to my supposedly deteriorating body.  Advice on nutrition, exercise, medical treatments and more abounds, but nothing that really talks about how to find fun and fulfillment as we age.

I know podcasts are just a trivial part of life – but I think my search is indicative of how society’s inherent ageism. We still don’t show true respect and value in “seniors”.  I am beginning to experience this myself, but have seen it full force as I watch my parents age.

I rant again – we worship the wrong people in society. Our heroes should be those who get up every day and smile, despite knowing that arthritis has turned their body into a mess of pain – and they now move like they are permanently a part of a Tim Conway old man sketch.  They still want to be independent, still want to take care of themselves, and still want to be seen as valuable to society.

I’m waiting for a batch of  older comedians to catch on to the market – to put out some quality podcasts that entertains us in a respectful, age appropriate way.  I know they are moving into retirement, but what a great part-time job …  Any comedians out there????


Scout’s Honour

When I was a young girl, one of my biggest dreams was to be a cub scout.  My little brother got to join the first cub scout pack in our area, but of course, we couldn’t join.  Luckily, my brother let my twin sister and I learn right along side him, even if we couldn’t go to the meetings.  To this day, all three of us can still do parts of their little chant – “Akeyla,  DyB, DyB, DyB, and, DOB Dob Dob”.   Do your best!

We helped him earn his badges, and watched longingly while mom sewed them onto his uniform.  Even if there had been a brownie or girl guide pack in our area, I didn’t want to join them – the scouts just seemed so much cooler and more fun.  The movie Jungle Book and the Scouts had Akela – an exotic sounding name – and iconic symbol of the Scouts program.   The local hall kept the cub scout symbols tucked in the basement – taunting me every time we went downstairs to play.  At that time, it was hard for me to understand why I couldn’t join.

But Scouts was one of just a string of cooler things that boys got to do simply because they were boys.  Boys got to wear blue – and blue jeans – long before girls.  We were stuck with frills, lace, and pink. In sports,  the boys team got the better crowds and bigger cheers.  News coverage favoured them.  We ( I mean girls in general) were simply the opening act, even if the girls teams were often more successful. Hockey and baseball were only for boys. We girls were limited in what we could do.   We took home economics, book keeping, and typing while the boys got science, math, and shop.   I’m over generalizing, but you get the picture – subtle exclusion was the story of women’s lives.

Thankfully times  change. Much to my delight, I learned that Scouts are now letting in girls.  That doesn’t mean the Girl Guide program should be scrapped – I’m sure it too is a wonderful program. It just means that young kids now get to choose which organization they prefer. Some boys are better suited to the Guides program, just as some girls fit better with Scouts.  It’s not rocket science – but it’s taken until the 21st century for something so simple to occur.

Since I went to school, the gender gap has narrowed.  Choices are opening up every day.  Little girls now have supreme court judges, astronauts, bosses, welders, and even super heroes to look up to. “We’ve come  a long way, baby!”.

The gender equality movement is not perfect – many people have gone way too far in their militant desire for political correctness.  But I’m glad of the small, simple changes – and that any girl that wants to go to a scout meeting and recite the oath to Akela, can now do so. Scouts rule!



The Golden Years of TV

I’ve spent way too much time binge-watching TV  this winter, especially since I spent so much time housebound.  I recently discovered a huge trove of golden oldies on YouTube.  Some of my favourites lately include:

  • The Newhart Show – It’s still fun to watch Bob Newhart’s slow, carefully delivery of punch lines.  Hard to  imagine anyone else ever carrying off his unique stammering delivery.  Although many of the characters are superficial and stereotypical, it’s still a gentle way to pass some time.
  • WKRP in Cincinatti:  Love the ensemble cast!  They even tackled some very difficult issues for its day, including the rock concert disaster in which several youths were killed while waiting for a rock concert … and the issues surrounding rush seating.  They also often tackled racism and misogyny .  Who could ever top the frantic rock and roll energy of Johnny Fever, or the slow, silent, soothing sounds of Venus Flytrap.  Also, love the wacky misfit Les Nessman.  And, I’ve spent many sleepless hours with the earworm inducing theme song looping through my head.
  • Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, and Matlock:  These three formulaic murder investigation shows never fail to gently entertain. By today’s standards, they are banal and boring, but it’s fun to watch these classic actors at work.

Spoiler Alert… old fart rant coming up…

I miss the use of show specific theme songs.  I know that today’s shows prefer to use existing music, much of which is very good, I loved the idea that each show had it’s own theme song. The lyrics themselves usually told a great story -giving the all important back story in under two minutes – including catchy chorus.

Alas, now that spring is here, I need to wean myself from my binge.  I will happily begin to step outside to enjoy the chance to reconnect with nature.  But, part of me will miss those dark hours of winter, huddled around my laptop, watching those blast from the past re-runs on YouTube, Netflix, and TV.


Look out #ppmg18 My ticket’s booked –

We’re going again!  The Coulee Classic Dragons Masters Women’s team is registered to take part in the Pan Pacific Games at the Gold Coast, November 2018.

I”m so excited!  I didn’t think I would be able to go, especially after undergoing a total hip replacement just four months ago.

But I back on the paddle again (pardon the pun).

I now have less than 174 days to train.  I plan to use this blog to track my progress, and describe my recovery from a total hip replacement.

So, here I go…. Stay Tuned!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Sometimes lately I feel so good I forget I have a new hip. So, I made this video to remind myself of how far I have come in the past few weeks.  I feel like I have a new lease on life. But I also realize it is important for me to never forget where I was.

Anyway…. here’s my attempt.



The Winter That Never ends… Check it this quick look at our winter past..


The Winter That Never Ends

Today we will get another 8 – 10 cm of snow.  Yesterday the municipality issued severe flood warning, as the 2 – 3 feet of snow still blanketing many fields was happening quickly.  Today should slow the flooding, but tomorrow it will be worse.

Spring, wherefore art thous?  We miss you. Please come home:)

Spring Cleaning

pexels-photo-908308.jpegAh spring – that eternal season of hope and over-zealous goal-setting. It’s also the season to purge.  And I’ve been trying to do just that. But purging is not easy.  The lofty goal of emptying cluttered shelves and tossing long-since useful trinkets is easier said than done. It’s a long story  – and it starts with the weather.

We’ve suffered through  a long, hard winter, and one that seems that is still not going away. Record amounts of snow have fallen, and the usual migraine inducing Chinook wind have skipped our fair region. It’s been testing our identify as real Canadians. You see, we typically don’t have snow that lasts and lasts and lasts.  I guess for one of the first times, we’ve experienced winter that most Canadians have to suffer through year after year after year (except for those on the West Coast, who have had to learn to live with warmer temperatures, but clouded by dull grey, wet winters).  Also, both Blaine and I have been pretty much housebound  for the longest time ever.  We’ve both had health issues, and The Crossing has been walk-in only access for weeks.  So I haven’t been able to enjoy the snow. I  don’t even want to look out at it’s tantalizing freshness – because I haven’t been able to play in it.  No skiing, no snowshoeing, no curling, do drift-busting for me this year.  But that’s another story. And that brings me back to the spring cleaning theme.

Because we’ve been housebound, I’ve had time to look at all those cluttered closet shelves.  I thought it would be easy to simply chuck stuff, but I still have too many memories attached to the mess. However, I am taking baby steps. I was finally able to part with pictures and souvenirs from trips past.  I had kept a bag of stuff from my trip to Australia in my early 20’s.  I took a good long look at all the stuff, smiled, enjoyed the memory -then tossed the stuff.   Same with all the brochures, stickers, tags, entrance receipts, etc. that I had saved from many of the mom and son trips I took while Mac was still in school.  At the time I had planned to scrapbook it all, making a special album for each adventure.  Of course the albums never materialized but the junk piled higher.  Again, I took a few photos of some of the very special memorabilia, then tossed it all in recycling.   I also finally cleared out a huge box of photos, whittling the pile down to one small box that I have saved for a future purge.

This stage of life is giving me a new perspective on “stuff”.  Unlike the robins who just

Robins Return to Roost
Believe it or not, there’s over a dozen red robins in that tree

returned to our backyard – their home- I will never again have anyone returning home for the summer. Mackenzie, at age 23, is well and properly launched (as he should be). He is also very much a stereotypical introverted redneck man, and naturally is not interested in most of the stuff. He certainly will never want the generational keepsakes such as our wedding china, the 100 or more photo albums that focus almost entirely on him growing up, the dozen or more boxes of every single paper and project he brought home from school, and more.

Which makes me think – are we the last generation to have “stuff”?  It seems the credo for the Boomer generation was to get stuff  – a nice house, good furniture, nice trinkets,and so on.  Like our parents before us, and their parent’s parents, and so on – we kept things thinking that maybe someday our kids might want this stuff. But this next generation doesn’t want as much.  They don’t seem to want Great grandma’s china, and so on. They are not going to want a set of china or keepsake dishes for wedding presents because it’s just not their thing. Besides, newer, fresher stuff is so easily accessible, why keep the old when you can simply buy something new and different so cheaply?

I see this happening in our family.  Mom still has lots of “stuff” she inherited from the past generation. It’s all very meaningful to her, and to many of us, and is still in great shape.  But who from the next generation really wants all this stuff?  We all bought what we wanted when we wanted it, so our cupboards are full.  We have smaller families so have no one to hand it down to. Plus we (our age group) are in the downsizing mode, not up sizing.

Cover picture cup of tea

Bottom line -now that I am 60, I have a different perspective on spring cleaning and purging. I haven’t fully figured out yet what I am going to do with all the stuff in my life – how much am I really ready to part with, and how much can I emotionally be free from.  I’m not there yet – but awareness if the beginning – right???

Or maybe I’ll just put it off until tomorrow, ‘cus tomorrow never comes!

Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!

To Merry Xmas or Not to Merry Xmas; that is the question

To Merry Xmas or Not to Merry Xmas; that is the question.  In this ever increasingly politically correct world we live in, we’ve become afraid to even utter a holiday greeting, lest we offend someone or some group.  Fear not, I can solve one little politically correct issue.  Some same using Merry Xmas is an example of the horrid slippery slope of destroying the real meaning of Christmas.  But I

have evidence to say  NO to these Bah Humbuggers and Grinches.   It is perfectly ok to say Merry Xmas.

According to Wikipedia (and we know it’s always correct!)….
“Xmas is a common abbreviation of the word Christmas. It is sometimes pronounced /ˈɛksməs/, but Xmas, and variants such as Xtemass, originated as handwriting abbreviations for the typical pronunciation /ˈkrɪsməs/. The “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, which in English is “Christ”.[1] The “-mas” part is from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass.[2]
There is a common misconception that the word Xmas stems from a secular attempt to remove the religious tradition from Christmas[3] by taking the “Christ” out of “Christmas”, but its use dates back to the 16th century….”
Who’d a thunk it????🤔🎄🎄🎄
Merry Christmas – or rather Merry Xmas to one and all!

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