Persoid meteor showers from the comet swift tuttle

True love isn’t all romantic and full of showy gestures.  True love is the little things couples do for each other as they age.   It is the silent helping hand, non-judgmentally helping your partner step up for the chair when she is too stiff to do so.  The quiet act of cleaning the toilet after she has missed the rim late at night,  the partner who secretly takes the coffee cup our of the microwave when he has forgotten it for the hundredth time, or the taking the shampoo bottle out of the fridge when she accidentally stashed it when she was putting away the groceries, her mind too overwhelmed with combatting pain to get all the little details just right.  I picture my mom and dad as having this type of love, perfectly dealing with each other’s aging frustrations and imperfections.  No, they are not perfect.  Sometime they drive each other crazy.  They get mad, get frustrated, dislike what each other is doing , just like everybody else.

But I like to think of them as the kind of senior who tonight, this clear summer night when the meteor showers are at their best, and when one of them wakes up for the fist of many clomping trips to the bathroom, would gently help,each the into the backyard and simply look up,  look up until they spotted a falling star or two.  Then, slowly, carefully they would go back into the house and hobble off to bed, trying to fall back to sleep, t dream of what was, until once again, one of them stirs and carefully and painfully crawls out of bed, dragging arthritic limbs awake, and off to start another day.

Now that is real love at work.


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