Year End in Review – Not!

Sad news, happy news,  good news, bad news, same old news.  That’s the stuff of year-end reviews.  I used to love those annual wrap-ups. Sometimes I would stay up late catching as many of them as I could.  After the Christmas let-down, the year-in-review was a last blast of revelry, something to look forward to as the rush of the holiday season leaked away.

But since Freedom 55, I don’t care anymore.  The reviews seem redundant – tragedy after tragedy revisited, followed by political scandal and failings, followed by stories of brash excesses from so-called celebrities. I just don’t want to hear it anymore. Coming from a former news junkie brought on by a lifetime of teaching social studies, this behaviour is uncharacteristic of me – or at least the old me.  Perhaps retirement is forging a new me, someone who has totally different interests and passions.

Is it that I am no longer so future focused? I have spent my lifetime looking forward, striving to become the best I could be – to learn more, to work harder, to be a better mother, simply to be more. But now, none of that matters. There is no forward in the career path.  My parenting time is done. My son is grown up and has left home.  It is now time to focus on the present.

I haven’t figured this new me out yet, but I am on my way.  I am enjoying the present more than ever.  I am starting to let go of my past persona, unsubscribing from many of the previous expectations.  The annual year-end review is one of the many small pieces of the past that I am happily rejecting.

So my year end in review tradition will now be to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and relax with a cheesy movie, a quick peek at Facebook, and a good book.  I’m saying  NO to the annual Year in Review!





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