55 Passed – Wisdom from the Aged

It’s already the middle of August, 2017.  I think back to my 55th birthday, and, to use the cliche, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by.  I have learned a few things – with age does come a little wisdom.    I don’t want to sound like a real old soul, but I have noticed a few things since my 55th.

  1. Time really does go by far faster than you can ever imagine.  The elders were right. Enjoy today, for tomorrow will soon be the past.
  2. Adventures truly are what you make.  You can’t rely on travel to a supposedly exciting destination, or participation in a grueling physical event, or even admittance to an exclusive club to make the adventure for you.  You have to first learn to make each day an adventure.  Enjoy the moment.  Make every day an adventure.  You don’t have to drive through 6 provinces to see something unique.  You have a backyard filled with rich history and experiences. You just have to find that moment.
  3. Your body will fail you. No matter what, our bodies are aging.
  4. You are as old as you feel, but you are only as “old” as you think.   A 25 year old can be just as old as a 65 year old senior.  But being old isn’t a disease.  You can redefine the word “old” to mean whatever you want.  I’m getting old, but I have an active mind.
  5. What’s wrong with the word “old”?  Maybe when we say old, we are really referring to the conservative, dull mindset that lacks adventure, is disinterested in enjoying daily moments, and has basically forgotten just how special each day can be.  If you’re still looking back to the winning shot you made, or didn’t make, in a high school basketball game as one of the highlights of your life, it’s time to shake off the “old”  old.  Embrace the new meaning of old – as only a physical numbers. Don’t let it become your mindset.
  6. You have to learn to love yourself before you can really love being old.  I haven’t reached this point yet, but I’m trying
  7. It takes a lot of work just to stay or maintain basic health.  Basic toning / fitness routines  that used to take 30 minutes might now take 2 – 3 hours because of the all the specialized target spots you have to reach in order to keep strong.
  8. Take time for tea!  Those few moments out of busy day can be all the time you need to think back and find an adventure, no matter how small.
  9. Photo on 2015-04-23 at 9.57 AM (original)  DSC01172

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