Caraline's quilt
My first Machine-quilted project

quilt New adventures?  Sort of.  In my spare time I have dusted off my sewing machine and started finishing off projects I started years ago.  The first was a quilt I started 10 years ago.  I finally finished it, and took it to someone to machine quilt.  It is simply too big for a rookie like me to tackle. My next project is a present for my niece I started last spring.  I was going to send it away for quilting, but decided I could maybe give it a whirl. While the project is certainly far from perfect, it was fun to do.  Finally, I am starting on making baby blankets for the many baby gifts I have to give in the next few months.

In some ways these hobbies make me feel like a little old lady. But what the heck. If it feels good, do it!  I know my work will never be perfect; I’m just not that naturally gifted. But, I can say that I’ve put thought into these gifts.  I suppose, on the grand scheme of things, it really is the thought that counts.


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