Paddles Up!

Another year over – already. Last weekend I participated in the annual Dragon Boat festival in Lethbridge. Once again, I absolutely loved it! Although our times were not great (we came in faster than a couple of other teams – one consisting of severely visually impaired paddlers, the other of members averaging age 72), we still had an AWESOME adventure. It’s hard to describe the feeling of paddling in a boat. It’s sort of like floating across an ice surface, only much warmer. I love the feeling of my paddle dipping into the water, moving quickly through the surface, pulling the water through to start the stream moving toward the end of teh long boat. To think that we are all in unison (well, some of the time), gliding across the water. I can feel the difference every movement in the boat makes – someone adjusts his /her position on the seat, and the whole boat shifts ever so slightly. Sometimes I feel in tune with the drum, catching the memorizing beat and feel us inch our way across the lake. To know that my body is working hard to keep up and be a part of the rhythm – is somehow freeing. Again, words do it no justice – but I LOVE paddling.


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