Sewing Up an Adventure

Ok – and now for something completing different.  Tonight Val and I are taking a quilt-making course that will teach us how to hand sew a small sampler.  I never thought I would become a quilting granny, but I am loving it.  I am not very neat or precise, but I don’t care. I am finding that completing a project is appealing to my need to have a goal.  So, right now I am on a sewing / quilting frenzy.

First, I am finishing a quilt I started 10 years ago.  Mom, Colleen and I took a course together. Mom naturally finished hers within weeks. Colleen and I, on the other hand, left the project on the shelf ever since.  Well, I am please to report that today I finished the main part of it. I have only to put the sides on, then send it to someone for final quilting and backing.  What a relief! IMG_2341

I will post a photo of tonight’s project after we are finished our class. Wish me luck!


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