Last Minute Adventures

Happy New Year! Time is running out for my 55 adventures for Freedom 55. Nevertheless, I managed to squeak in a few  last minute adventures as 2013 waned.

1. Snowshoeing – Erin and I snow-shoed around our property just before Christmas. To make the day even better, Mackenzie “skied” around the hills. I was transported to my younger years watching him trudge up the hill in ski boots, ski carefully down the barely-snow covered hills, trudge back up and try again.   I loved it!

2. Trip to Great Falls – we managed a quick, 24 hour trip to Great Falls to take Mackenzie to the airport when he and the Smiths left to Disney World.  Although we have been to Great Falls before, it was still a mini-adventure.  We stopped in Conrad and found a typical, small-town restaurant for lunch. On the way home we took the back way past Choteau. Again, we stopped at a local restaurant – named “John Henry’s”. I love this little adventures.  Exploring these small, out-of-the-way towns gives me a good look at “real people”, “real places”.  Most of these types of places are very welcoming and are all very unique. Each has it’s own character, it’s own mood, and it’s own mini-adventure.

3. New Year’s Eve – Again we took some back roads enroute to Okotoks to spend New Year’s Eve with the Zanonis – our ex-neighbours.  We drove through downtown High River, catching a very tiny glimpse of the devastation left from the horrific flooding in June.   The sight of the Atco trailer village located right beside Cargill was strange. It looks like some “survivors” are trying to cope as best as they can. Christmas lights adorned many of the make-shift homes, the carefully arranged rows of alleys and stoops decked out with lights. Some even had the faux Dickenson light posts set up in the tiny yards. I am sure many of them had bitter-sweet Christmases.

4. Home from Okotoks – we took Highway 22 – driving through Black Diamond and Longview.  We stopped for a late breakfast at the Longview Hotel. Again, I love stopping at these unique small town treasures to get a taste of the local flavours.

5. December – I finished my last course in the Digital Storytelling Certificate.  I loved this last course. I felt I was back in “grad school” again. I am going to miss taking classes such as this one.  I also will miss a sense of usefulness to what I learn – a purpose and a place to apply what I learn! 

5. The biggest adventure undertaken since I gave birth!  I “retired”.  This adventure is just beginning to unfold. Today, January 2nd, my former colleagues trudged off to work. I slept in.  I haven’t quite figured out what I want from this adventure, but I hope I can make the best of my “golden years”. 


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