North to Alaska…

I can’t believe I am finally doing it!  I am leaving “on a jet plane” tomorrow, July 14, for Whitehorse. Once there I will take the historic White Pass and Yukon Railway to Skagway, and travel toward the beginning of the infamous Chilkook Trail.  I will finally venture forth on an extended hike, staying 5 nights and 6 days on the trail.  I am a little nervous about packing. My pack is already feeling quite heavy, but I don’t know what I can omit.  I know from experience on the outdoor ed trips that I get very cold at night, so I need layers.  But, I also don’t want to over-pack.  Every ounce truly does make a difference.  I still have to pack my share of food and supplies.

Nevertheless, I am thrilled that I am finally going north. I have wanted to visit the Yukon since my early 20’s, when I really started to love my Canadian history.   I know I am only going to experience a tiny taste of the north, but it’s a start.   If this trip works out, maybe I can find another adventure a little further north or in the Yellowknife area next year.     Yahoo,…. here I go!

This photo, of the thousands of gold-seekers, to me is one of the most poignant pictures in Canadian history.  I have felt a strong sense of compassion for the thousands of unprepared dreamers who risked everything for the dream of gold and adventure.  This  picture represents the many stories I heard of the profiteers who made a fortune off these naive trekkers, selling them goods at unworldly prices, and tricking them into buying products they would never use.  These stories are what I remember most about the Chilkook Trail, or the Yukon Gold Rush Trail as I recall it being named.  In just a few short days I too will stand on the peak of the Golden Staircase.  I can hardly wait! check one more item off my bucket list!Image


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  1. way to go con, follow your dream, enjoy the mossies, am proud of you. cant wait to see your pictures

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