Adventures continue

Well, no one said that an adventure had to be somewhere far away and exotic. Instead, an adventure is really what you create. A picnic in your backyard, camping in the trees near your home, or skating on a local pond.  “Adventure” are a product of your imagination and willingness to treat the ordinary extraordinarily.

So, this weekend I found another adventure – and can cross another item off my bucket list.  I put together a team and entered the Vauxhall Ladies’ Curling Bonspiel and had a good, honest adventure.  I met knew people, got to know my friends better, had some great exercise, and had a wonderful time.   I learned a little more about curling and vowed to continue my “adventure”

So, yesterday I also did something I’ve been wanting to do since the day I turned 50.  I dropped in on Senior’s curling!  I have been waiting to do so for 5 years. Working full time meant that I was never in Taber in the mornings.  So, when I decided to take this semester off I vowed I would make it to Seniors curling.  Again, another item off my bucket list.

Adventures truly are what you create!

curling rocks


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