Adventure 11 – My Son Prepares to Move Out

The time that I knew was coming is finally here.  My one and only is moving out.  But today’s moving out process is world’s away from my moving out!

Then – I was very excited to go to the AGT store had rent my very first phone – a pink princess phone that had a luminous dial.  I think this adventure was one of my most exciting parts of getting my own place – a shared room in residence.

Now – my son is renting a three bedroom brand new condo with his cousin.  They will have a phone, high speed wireless internet, cable, PVR, movies on demand, and over 50 channels.

Then – I bought myself a small white enamel portable black and white tv for $99.  I carried it with me wherever I moved for the next 10 years.

Now – each kid will have a personal TV, plus a 47″ flat screen TV in the living room

Then – I could pack all my belongings in to the back seat of my car – until I was almost 27.

Now – we have rented a moving van for two days.

Sigh, times have changed!



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