Getting Closer to the twinfest.

Ok, let’s see. I think it is now 365 days plus 2 months until our grand adventure to Twinfest.  I am already getting excited.  In the meantime, we have many more grand adventures to behold.

1.  Tanya’s wedding in Panama. We’ll actually turn 55 while we are there.  Too bad Mom couldn’t make us an Angelfood cake with that lovely sickengly sweet icing that only I love.

2. Mackenzie’s grad and eventual move from home.  Good and sad adventure to behold.

3. Australia: I’ve promised him a trip to Australia after his first year.  Not sure how I’ll fit it in, but we’ll have to try – that is, if he will still travel with his old mom.

4. Semi-retirement.  Wow -the word retirement seems very scary. But the phrase “Freedom 55” seem more palatable.

5. Who knows what else will come our way.


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