365 Days of Something New

I’ve decided one of my “to-do”s for my journey to retirement is to learn something new everyday.  So, here’s my “new” for today:


1.  Kabarnet, Rift Valley, Kenya is a small city with a population of about 10 000. It’s rural population is over 24 000 (Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha search.  It’s elevation is 6, 273 feet.   Nairobi, Kenya is about 133 miles away, and has a population of 3.138 million people.  I wonder, then, how much of the urban lifestyle has spilled over into Kabarnet.  I looked at some pictures and see a modern-looking town, somewhat like Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  On the other hand, when I look at Google Earth, the immediate “town” looks like a village with red earth, long rows of red aluminum roof tops, and meandering streets.   Wouldn’t this town be interesting to visit?


2. Why did I pick this city / town?  My student is from here. She’s very quiet, and I’d love to get her talking, so I’m trying to find out more about her life.


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